Adho Mukha Athletica Founder

Adho Mukha Athletica Launches!

Welcome to Adho Mukha Athletica,
apparel that’s “Cool for your Soul.”

We are finally in production!  We have so many cool things coming your way and its hard to contain our excitement. We know building a brand takes time and we are doing something that’s a little bit different than other brands,  we are going to listen to our user community.

One of the most exciting things we have experienced is when people say, “what makes you different from other brands?” and we respond by saying, “why don’t you tell me.”  The feedback has been inspirational and to sum it up, our clothing is freaking super soft, comfortable and cross functional!   Not just tooting  our own horn here so you’ll have to see for yourself.

We are also excited to announce we will be launching some pretty amazing T-shirts, now keep in mind that we are a “Made in the USA” company and the only negative is that it is so expensive to have clothes made in America, man is it expensive.  So we have partnered with some other pretty cool Made in USA companies to source our T-Shirts!  We are defiantly going to get Jiggy with our T-shirts.

Back to our made in America, we hope this means a lot to you.  As a society we are addicted to brands made over seas and most of the time we don’t even blink at this notion.  What if you had a brand that looked just as good or better, better or same materials and production quality better because its made here in our back yard!  It’s the small things that make our country great, we are small and playing our part

What is cross functionality?  Everybody is saying this today.  Our ideology is a brand that inspires all sports to look and feel good in the clothing they are using.  Not just because of the logo on the outside.  Products that can actually be used in a surf session then onto a run or practice and much more.  A line that has color cross function as we are trending with seasonal colors and able to wear in multiple seasons without looking out of style.

So many things go into a brand to make it great and we hope you will join us on our mission.  Please sign up for updates and we promise to not spam email you.  Follow us on instagram @ adhomukha_athletica   We will be launching some fun activities for free products and just have some splendiferous photos to share.

See you all soon,

Adho Mukha Athletica Founder

Our ideology is to produce a brand that inspires all sports to look and feel good in the clothing they are using.


The AMA Team