About Adho Mukha Athletica and Cross Functional Activewear

Adho Mukha Athletica designs and manufactures yoga apparel that is highly cross-functional and comfortable.  We are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

We are a lifestyle and active wear apparel brand and we’re having a blast bringing lives together through our passions and adventures. We live by the belief in pure balance, our motto being “if its healthy and adventurous we should try it at least once and if we love it, we repeat it!” AMA’s commitment is in providing apparel that is comfortable, fashionable, cross-functional and “Cool for your Soul”. Our brand incorporates the principals and foundation of one of the beginning yoga poses that strengthens the body and mind, Adho Mukha Svanasana.

We decided to borrow the Sanskrit words Adho Mukha. Adho meaning down or downward and Mukha, meaning face. Many recognize these words as one of the first poses you learn in yoga. We chose these words for the healing power they have provided us in our lives. Sometimes referred to as the cure all “Adho Mukha” helps rejuvenate the mind and body. It promotes strength throughout the entire body and immune system. Adho Mukha Athletica, a great way to begin and end any practice.

We are Yoga. We are Watermen. We are Adventure. Our mission is to outfit humans with the most comfortable and stylish cross-functional active-wear to help encourage a lifetime commitment to living a healthy and adventurous lifestyle, the Adho Mukha Athletica Lifestyle. Something we have always been passionate about is sharing our lives, passions, and adventures and bringing athletic and fashion minded communities together to develop a brand that works in the studio, on the beach or on the street.

We feel it’s important to support our country and promote growth within the USA, so our products are designed and manufactured in California. We are excited to build our brand with you and we appreciate and value your support and sharing our story. We look forward to seeing you in apparel that is “Cool for your Soul”

The AMA Team