Adho Mukha Athletica Brand Ambassadors

Whether you’re a Yogi or badass athlete we are committed to sharing our brand and bringing together cross cultural athletic communities. Our Adho Mukha Athletica Brand Ambassadors will be encouraged to share their passions with one another through our blogs and social media outlets. We feel that encouraging people to explore and open their horizons to other activities helps refine their own skills and in the process promote their own passions.

Got what it takes to be an AMA Ambassador?

Tell us why you want to be an ambassador and explain how you’d like to help the community of cross functional athletes, yoga practitioners and fitness enthusiasts get the best workout gear on the market.

meli aguayo yoga instructor

Meli Aguayo | Power and Yoga Sculpt Teacher

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Sean Chuma | Pro Base Jumper & Stuntman

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Leanna Rector | Yogi

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