Meli Aguayo – Adho Mukha Athlete

Your vision will become clear when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams… who looks inside awakens.

It was words like this that changed Meli from the inside out. These words have not only inspired her mind, body and soul, but also given her the inspiration to embark on her yoga journey.  As a student at SDSU, Meli was always active with dance, fitness, and all types of aerobic training. With this active lifestyle, it was an easy decision to enhance her mentally and physically through yoga. This was when Meli became involved with Core Power Yoga. The combination of teaching dance for ten years, motivating others through fitness training, and practicing a yoga lifestyle inspired Meli to become a yoga instructor. Meli teaches all power formats and yoga sculpt.  She has coached several Boot Camp Programs and leads Power Teacher Training and Yoga Sculpt Teacher training. In 2013 Meli accepted the position of studio manager in Mission Valley. She is very passionate about sharing her experience with others and looks forward to her continued growth from the amazing community around her.

Come and take one of Meli’s power vinyasa or power sculpt classes and maybe Teacher Training is in your future.

  • Monday 2:30pm C2 Mission Valley
  • Monday 5:45pm C2 Mission Valley
  • Wednesday 4:15pm YS Mission Valley
  • Thursday 4:15pm YS Mission Valley

Meli Aguayo
Instagram: @Meli_GOGOYOGA