Sean Chuma – Professional Base Jumper and Stuntman


Tell us about your sport :

Base Jumping is a sport where the athlete jumps from fixed objects such as Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth (Cliffs). B.A.S.E. Is an acronym that stands for all those goodies. My sport is the one that makes you feel like your own super hero.  You actually do get to jump from tall buildings with a single bound.  We use parachutes to slow ourselves so we can have a soft landing.  The height of the objects can vary but my favorite is 250 ft and up.  From about 500 ft, like the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID, where I live, I can fall about 3-4 seconds before I really need to make the parachute come out. From big cliffs I can sometimes jump with a wingsuit, which is really cool.  This handy little contraption can help me fly like a human figher jet with amazing control. In my backpack is a personal inflatable aircraft known as a Parachute.  It takes a lot of skill to base jump.  If a person were wanting to start, the first thing they would want to do is become really good at skydiving, meaning they would need at least 200 skydives.  Then they can come to me and I can teach them how to base jump at my base jumping school (Inter-Demented Base).  For a person that does not care to go through the rigorous and necessary training, I happen to have a one of a kind business called Tandem Base.  I can take the average person, with no parachute experience, on a base jump, by connecting them to the front of my body.  I do all the important stuff, you go for the ride and get  a taste of why we do what we do.

Speedflying-  One of my other big sports that I truly love, and can combine with skiing, is speedflying.  It is also a parachute sport.  Imagine paragliding, well this is paragliding at warp speed.  It is a fast, low to the groud, precision sport that takes lots of experience with parachutes.  In this sport we fly down hills and become one with the air and gravity.  It is human flight.

How long have you been involved?

Skydiving: 17 years Base: 8 years  /  speedflying 10 years

What major accomplishments have you achieved? Competitions?  Certifications?  Goals or Milestones?

Just a few:

  • Creator and owner of, the first and only tandem base jumping operation in the world.
  • I once took a 102 year old Dorothy Custer on a Tandem base jump.
  • I have invented and developed many base jumping tricks and flips, and inspired many others.

What is the craziest or wildest thing you have ever done in your sport?

  • I once jumped a building in one of the largest cities on earth.  This building was right next to a venue that was holding a large music awards show and a pro basketball game.  There are tons of others.
  • I also have done a tandem base jump off of all the objects that make up the word BASE.

B.A.S.E is an acronym that stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth. Simply put, it is a sport in which parachutists jump from fixed objects.

Graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska in 2002, Chuma began his “jump” into BASE with a solid skydiving career beginning at the age of 16 in Caldwell, Idaho.   In 2007, after completing over 700 skydives Chuma made the move to Twin Falls, ID where he now runs a very successful BASE Jumping School – Inter-Demented BASE.

Chuma’s impressive athletic background in gymnastics, skiing, and pole-vaulting has provided him with the necessary skill set and physical fitness to successfully perform complicated aerial maneuvers in BASE Jumping.  He has become well known for his originality and style within this arena and is responsible for several world recognized BASE Jumping tricks as well as pioneering many unpacked jumps and refining the “game over”. Chuma is responsible for making the “tweener” famous by successfully performing this trick off multiple BASE exits.  Chuma’s background in gymnastics gives him a unique kinesthietic awareness that sets him apart from other Base Jumpers, when it comes to tricks, solid exits and landings.

In 2009, Chuma and his former business partners developed the world’s first commercial Tandem Base Jumping operation.  During the experimental phase Chuma personally performed many test jumps with experienced Base jumpers acting as passengers. Since 2009, he has completed over 320 tandem base jumps without incident and currently holds the record for the most tandem BASE jumps completed.  Recently, he has completed a tandem jump off all four objects in the word BASE.  It is believed that he is the first and only person in the world to have done this.   His company, Tandem Base LLC, has performed Tandem Base jumps at bridge day in Fayetteville, West Virginia for the past 4 years and Chuma was the first person in the world to complete a tandem base jump from the Menara KL Tower, and the Wisma Sanyan in Malaysia, 2013.  In 2014 Chuma became the first person to perform a Tandem Base Jump in Zakynthos, Greece at Shipwreck beach and later that year in Arco, Italy at Monte’ Brento.

One of his favourite achievements includes taking 102 year old Dorothy Cluster on a tandem BASE jump from the Perrine Bridge in June 2013. Being able to travel the world, meeting like-minded people, and BASE jumping in incredible places is Chuma’s biggest joy.

Currently, Chuma is moving towards a career in television and film and has made several television appearances in the past 4 years including: the Travel Channel’s Ride-iculous,  Trip Flip, and MSNBC’s Caught on Camera.   He is currently working with producers and colleagues on a television show that highlights the type of lifestyle he enjoys – being a professional “fun maker”. Despite this very impressive professional history, Sean remains grounded and humble regarding his achievements and always stresses the importance of planning, experience and guidance in all areas of BASE jumping.

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